Looking forward to 2013

If we take account of 2012, for some of us, it was a wonderful year while for others, it was just one of those years we wished passed on quickly. For some, it had been victories and great accomplishment all the way. For others, it has been a sore story of failures and defeats. Be that as it may, there is a coming year to look forward to.

No matter what 2012 was like, 2013 could be better. You just have to believe and work towards it. Now, I’m not going to try to state some of the things you probably have tried in 2012 and had not succeeded for those who have had a not so pleasant year. And this is not going to be one of those long epistle-like article. If you have experienced more failures than successes in 2012, don’t despair. Sometimes, failure is not because we are not trying hard. It might just be because we are not trying right. Maybe you have had projects you started and did not complete or you bid for a project with a competitor and they won it over you, you should take this as a lesson and learn from it. Be honest and ask yourself these questions and answer them sincerely.

Do you deserve what you got from your effort? Why? Did you exhaust every options opened to you? Did you listen when people gave you advice? Did you seek for better ways of doing what you are doing currently? Were you opinionated about your work? Did you hang out often with people who do the kind of things you do? If you wanted to employ someone on a new project, would you consider someone like you to meet the budget and deadlines? Etc.

I could go on and on but I believe these few questions would spark up some deep thoughts. Whether it was a good year for you or not, there would have been somethings you could have done better. So don’t sit in the attic and cower out in fear of the coming year. Be optimistic. Be proactive. Learn from the mistakes you made and move on quickly. The world out there needs all the skills you have to offer. There would be more opportunities in 2013. Look forward to it and prepare for it adequately.

Happy New Year in advance!


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