Embrace Change

Well, this article is not in any way “techy” or technology related. It cuts across every sphere of human endeavor. So don’t expect to read something that is technology-centric. It is an article meant to share my experience in recent times.

Now, when we think of it, how do you define change? The truth is, no definition would accurately define change because it means different things to different people. So I will keep it simple and please note that this is my opinion. Change in simple terms is a deviation from the norm. A different turn from what used to be the usual or accepted status of things. For example, there was a time when magazines where the best platform to read your favorite articles of interest. But when the internet came, things changed. The accepted status-quo that when you wanted to read the latest trend on fashion, you just took a walk to the nearest tabloid stand and pick a copy of the latest Fashion Sense or some other magazines of its kind, took a different turn. Now people could at the comfort of their space, with an iPad or any smart device connected to the Internet gain access to the same information. This was a change and whether the publishers of these magazines liked it or not, that was here to stay. Their loyal subscribers have shifted their attention else where.I am certain, the publisher/owners of these magazines might have thought that things would always remain the same. Things never always remain the same.

The result or consequence of change depending on how you look at it, could spin either way; favorably or adversely. Change for the magazines’ publishers which in this case, was the advent of the internet, would have had adverse effect on the sales of these magazines which effectively affects the expected turnover. However, on the flip side, the change for the subscribers of these magazines, was a great and welcome development.

I think I should at this point state that this was not in anyway a shot at the magazine publishers. It is just coincidental that at the time of writing this blog, that is the example that came to mind (I love to read magazines). That’s it. I just needed to clear the air.

So back to where we left off; I use Google Reader to read a lot of things on the Internet as I often subscribe to feeds and I have come to know a lot of things that before now would have taken me loads of library time, “googling”, and hangouts. There even things things now that I have stumbled on and has amazed me. I can’t divulge all of that on this piece but my motivation is the fact that I have so much information at my finger tips. I have section for my sports information, I have sections for new gadgets, I have a section of web development trends, i have a section for latest cars etc. And at one sitting I can peruse a whole lot of information without having to do my very familiar Google search to check trends.

The question you might be asking now is, how does that affect anything? It does. I used to be a lazy reader before and that was a minus for me. I stumbled on a blog and the writer was stressing on why you need to at least read something everyday. He stated on how things are evolving everyday. If you do not keep up, you will realize that what you new yesterday would be old by 6:00pm today. He said everybody has interests in different things. So make it a duty of indulge your interests. If you love music, read up on your favorite artiste. If you love cars, there are millions of feeds on cars out there, subscribe to one. If you are a lawyer, read up on the trends of your profession. Whatever it is you do, keep up and embrace change. Today, one of the first things I do when I get to my desk is check my Google Reader. I cannot tell you how much effort it has saved me. You will be amazed that what you thought difficult to accomplish, someone has accomplished it and is making the steps to success available. When you thought you had the answer to a problem, someone out there has a better answer and everybody is listening to him. Maybe the answer you have is old. Embrace change.

Don’t sit on your oars and assume you have it locked down, keep up with trend. Make it a point of duty to yourself to indulge your interests.  Realize that what you know yesterday is fast changing to something else today and embrace change. Don’t see change as something hurtful that must be done; see it as something helpful that can be done. Be flexible. Nobody says change always comes with the good. But if you live with a mindset that when change comes, you would be ready, you will never be caught napping. Years ago it was the tabloid. Then came the television. Now we live and almost breathe in the Internet era.  Years ago it was punch cards. Then we had the cassettes. Then came the diskettes. Then the flash drives and the likes. Who knows what tomorrow holds? Whatever your profession or skill set, change will come. Look forward to it. As a matter of fact, move in the direction it is coming. Embrace it.



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