Django, the best Python web-framework

I got started with Django about 5 months ago and its been a relief. The whole framework is built with ease of use in mind. I mean you can get a working web application, from authentication to authorization, from the administrative console to a full web application in one short and quick swoop. Its amazing!
The caveat though is it being a Python Web framework i.e you must be a Python developer to use Django. For me, coming from a little bit of Java, then Flex, and PHP development, learning Python took me two months when I also started to use Django. I can’t call myself a Python Guru yet, but with Django I’m learning very fast. If you are a software developer and you want to wet your appetite, give Python and Django a try, I can bet, you would not be disappointed.

They usually say not everything that glitters is gold, but I would dare say that everything Python and Django is gold. Yeah! I have not lost my love for Flex though. So for those of you who are saying, what happened to my love for flex? I’m still a Flex developer even though I have not opened my Flex builder in a while. I hope when I do, I do not have to run off my desk because I have spiders, roaches and ants running all over my Flex Builder 🙂

But at the moment I am firing on all cylinder with Django and I don’t see an end of the road with this framework yet. Phew!

Before I bore you, let me just give you the path to find peace of mind as a web developer as I have found. Why not see it for yourself;

I have been able to improve on some Django utilities I came up with in the process of my web development. I would be posting them as soon as I can. Still have to clean up loads of stuff.

Cheers guys,


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